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The MetaWeb Demo Version can be used by both, commercial and private users, for evaluation. We encourage you to provide your contact details which will enable us to inform you about new releases or products. Fill out the form and click on "Submit Form," then return to this page and click on the "Download MetaWeb" button below.

When prompted select "Save to Disk" and choose a download directory on your hard disk. Unzip the file and open the Readme.txt file with further information. If you agree with the terms in the Readme.txt, double click on the metaweb.msi setup file and follow the instructions.

Your CGM files will now be associated with MetaWeb. Double-clicking on a CGM file will launch IE containing the MetaWeb OCX viewer. In the commercial release you also have the option to associate TIFF files with MetaWeb. The MetaWeb Demo version is otherwise a fully functional release and supports IE 7 up to IE 11.

To embed MetaWeb into your applications look at http://www.cgmopen.org. MetaWeb supports the WebCGM functionality and API up to 2.1.

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